How it all started

In 2009 while taking a high school welding class we were asked to weld and create something as our final project. My farrier gave me some rusty old horseshoes and showed me a horseshoe flower he had made and had displayed in his yard. I made a few of the rustic horseshoe flowers in high school. My mom displayed the rustic flowers in her flower beds on my parents farm.

Shortly after I had friends and family asking me to make horseshoes flowers for them. I had someone else help me make the rustic horseshoe flowers to keep up with demand and soon people were asking for other horseshoe art designs. About 4 years ago I was blessed to meet my now husband who has supported this once little hobby of mine and has made it possible to create over 75 different horseshoe art designs!

My husband now does all of the welding for me. I sort the horseshoes, paint, take care of marketing, shows, and fulfilling orders. My love of horses, especially my 4 horses, have been the inspiration for the horseshoe art we make. We enjoy creating custom pieces for people even using their own horses’ special shoes!

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  • Hi Katie:
    Do you do craft shows if so could you provide me with dates and locations where you will be participating?


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