Pet Mitt

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I love this mitt! It’s great for a quick clean up even without giving your pet a bath! I just wet the mitt, spray the dog with my favorite pet deodorizer spray, give them a quick wipe,  and they are looking and smelling fresh!! 

  • The BacLock®* antibacterial agent in the mitt works to self-purify and inhibit odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within 24 hours, so that it is ready to use again.
  • Thick, plush microfiber is soft and super-absorbent.
  • Makes washing and drying your pets easier and less messy.
  • Removes excess pet hair from your pet while washing.
  • Can be used to gently lift shedding hair and dirt from your pets’ coats.
  • Dries quickly allowing you to re-use and clean more often than with a standard bath towel.